Acceptance and Commitment Therapy that understands the unique challenges of hearing loss.

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You get invited to a friend’s birthday party; you are excited to go out in celebration of your friend.  Once you arrive everyone is mingling and having conversations.  Someone asks you a question and you ask them to repeat it a couple of times, because it’s either too loud in the environment, the person is speaking fast and incoherent, or you just can’t seem to read their lips.  They grow frustrated and says, “never mind”, and you’re no longer included in conversations. At this moment you’re feeling left out, anxious, and maybe even angry.   

In therapy, you’ll be able to explore these emotions and struggles you are experiencing in a safe, judgement free space.  This is a space for you to focus on yourself.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy works by focusing on accepting life experiences as they come, without evaluating or trying to change them.  During sessions we will go through some mindful exercises as this encourages you to build a new and more compassionate relationship with difficult experiences. 

In collaboration, I will provide you with the necessary tools where you can identify the areas you are most struggling, and instead, accept that these deeper feelings are indeed appropriate responses to certain situations that should not prevent you from moving forward in life.  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy provides you with the tools you need specifically designed for your situation, which you can use throughout your life to handle challenging experiences.

The sessions that we have is all about YOU! This is your time to comfortably share the stories you don’t believe others would fully understand.  Our time together will be guided by what you bring to each session and the things that you would like to work on and address. 

Therapy can help you:

  • Regain a sense of focus and control,
  • Examine irrational beliefs about oneself,
  • Learn effective coping mechanisms for managing your stress and anxiety day-to-day,
  • Reconnect and rediscover yourself,

The process of Therapy

When We Begin

  • Free consultation: To make sure this is the best fit for you, you can schedule a free 15-minute consultation.  During this call, we’ll talk about what you’d like to explore in therapy and how I can support you on this journey.
  • Doing The Work: We’ll spend an hour, weekly or bi-weekly, to delve deeper into what has brought you to therapy and building coping skills and setting healthy boundaries to manage the bumps in the road, and to restore you to your happy and confident person.

Accelerating Ahead: Once you’ve achieved all of your therapy goals and the timing is right, you’ll be able to move forward from therapy.  You’ll have the tools and the roadmap to success to handle stressors and those moments of uncertainty with confidence.